Luis Barreto
LB Consulting Services

It was my joy to serve with and work with Gina Boccabella for many years. She is an amazing servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her love for people and the work of the Lord are refreshing to see. She is also an amazing Administrator, assisting in the operation of our Children’s and Family Ministries, respectively, for many years. Gina is a wonderful woman of God!

Hal Angel
Adjunct Professor
CUNY College of Staten Island

Ms. Boccabella is an intelligent individual with a keen desire to succeed and to grow personally and professionally. She demonstrates an emotional maturity and level headedness which will be a tremendous asset in her professional work. She is very articulate and asks insightful questions which are indicative of an independent thinker. She is warm, poised and works well with others. She exhibits leadership skills and a refreshing sense of humor.

Ms. Boccabella has consistently demonstrated her steadfast dedication. In conclusion I believe without question that Ms. Boccabella possesses the necessary intellectual, emotional, and interpersonal skills to succeed in whatever endeavor she chooses.